The Bulgarian Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union and with the support of the State Agency for Youth and Sport of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Varna Municipality and Ustrem'97 Tourist Agency.

Bulgarian Chess Federation
P.O.BOX 927, Sofia-1000, Bulgaria
tel. + 359/2/9300518, + 359/2/9874522, fax: + 359/2/9815728,, E-mail: [email protected]

Venue, date, schedule

The Championship will be held from May 26th (arrival) to June 9th (departure), 2021 in Sunny day complex, St. Constantine resort, Varna, Bulgaria. The tournament hall is located at Marina hotel.


Sunday 26.05 Arrival of participants
Sunday 26.05 at 19.00 Opening ceremony
Sunday 26.05 at 22.00 Technical Meeting
Monday 27.05 at 15.00 1st round
Tuesday 28.05 at 15.00 2nd round
Wednesday 29.05 at 15.00 3rd round
Thursday 30.05 at 15.00 4th round
Friday 31.05 at 15.00 5th round
Saturday 01.06 at 15.00 6th round
Sunday 02.06 Free day
Monday 03.06 at 15.00 7th round
Tuesday 04.06 at 15.00 8th round
Wednesday 05.06 at 15.00 9th round
Thursday 06.06 at 15.00 10th round
Friday 07.06 at 15.00 11th round
Friday 08.06 at 11.00 Tie breaks
Saturday 08.06 at 19.00 Closing ceremony
Sunday 09.06 Departure

System and Rate of play

The Championship will be played in 11 rounds of the Swiss system in accordance with the FIDE and ECU Regulations and the 2021 FIDE Rules of Play.

The playing session shall be approximately 4 hours. The new time control shall be: One hour and 30 minutes for the whole game with an incremental time of 30 seconds per move from move 1. (DGT chess clocks will be used).

Tie-breaks. The order of players is determined according to the number of points obtained. The tie-breaks are limited to the following cases:
(i) to establish the Champion;
(ii) to establish the medal winners;
(iii) to establish the players, qualifying for the World Championship

System of the Tie-breaks

Additional two games matches (the knock-out system) with 15 minutes on the clock and the addition of 10 seconds before each move. If this match is again drawn, then - two five minutes games plus two 2 seconds per move. If this match is again drawn, then the sudden death game shall be played with White having 5 minutes on the clock and Black 4 minutes. White has to win the game in order to win the match.

Participants and players qualifying for the 2021/2021 World Women's Chess Championship

The European Women's Championship is open to all female players representing ECU member Federation (zones 1.1 - 1.9) regardless of their title or rating. Applications have to be sent by National federations only.

Players qualifying for the 2021/2021 World Women's Chess Championship

The European Championship is a preliminary qualification event for the 2021/2021 World Women's Chess Championship. According to the decision passed by the ECU General Assembly in Leon 12 players will qualify for the WWCC.


Money prizes and trophies. Prize fund will amount approximately to 28.000 Euro (the first prize 5.200 Euro). The list of prizes (25 money prizes) and trophies will be announced at the beginning of the event. All prize money is subject to Bulgarian laws and taxes.

Applications, registration

The National federations are kindly requested to fill in and return the enclosed Application Form 1 (Players - Nominal conformation) to the organizers soonest as possible but not later than April 10th, 2021.
The National federations are kindly requested to fill in and return the enclosed Application Form 2 and Application Form 3 (Players and Accompanying persons hotel reservation and transport) to the organizers soonest as possible but not later than April 30th, 2021.


The FIDE fee of 100 CHF Swiss francs (per player)- Every National Federation has to pay this fee directly to FIDE per player. No additional organizing fee.

Accomodation and board

The Organizers offer accommodation possibilities at 3 different hotels in "Sunny day" complex, St Constantine resort, situated on 10 km. from Varna.
The participants, coaches and visitors may choose among the following hotels:

Hotel Double room Single room
Marina - **** 47 US $ 62 US $
Veronica - **** 44 US $ 55 US $
Mirage - *** 41 US $ 51 US $

The indicated prices are per person per day, including full board accommodation / VAT, insurance, service tax included, three buffet meals per day offering rich and various Bulgarian and European meals, local white and red wine/.
All rooms in the three hotels are supplied with a shower cabin, direct telephone dial, satellite TV, mini bar.
The number of single rooms is limited for the National federations.
Marina hotel has a newly equipped recreation center, inside pool with mineral water, mineral baths, fitness hall, massage and physiological procedures.
According to the ECU decision all the participants have to accommodate at the hotels offered by the hosts.
The hosts will bear the expenses of Skipchenko-Lautier (2021 Champion) on a basis of full board accommodation in a single room.

Local transport

We offer the following fees for bus transfer (round trip):

Sofia - competition venue - Sofia 40 US $
Russe - competition venue - Russe 20 US $
Varna Airport/Station - competition venue - Varna Airport/Station free


All payments have to be done by bank transfer to the below bank account or in cash upon arrival. Bank name: Neftinvestbank, Sofia branch,
Bank address: 26, Denkoglu str. Sofia -1000, tel. +359-2-9809688, fax +359-2-9876528
Acc.No: 1100172319
Bank code: 12021712
Beneficent: Ustrem'97 Tourist Agency

Weather conditions

Weather is quite pleasant for relaxation and sunbathing at this period of the year.


The standard voltage in Bulgaria is 220 Volts.

Currency & Exchange

The local currency is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). Foreign Currency (Euro / US Dollars) may be exchanged at the Airport, Railway station, local banks and exchange offices. Currency Rates of February 19, 2021, 1USD = 2,2442 BGN, 1 EURO = 1,954 BGN.


If Bulgarian entry visas are required please contact the respective Bulgarian Embassy in your country. We have informed the respective authorities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Championship and asked for some preferences for countries whose citizens need entry visa.
The following European countries need visas: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.